Josée Lavigueur
Spokesperson for the event

I’m pushing my limits for

my Hospital!

This summer, we’ll surpass ourselves from Montréal to Québec City, through the Laurentides, to Gaspésie, and beyond! A huge wave of solidarity for our hospitals will sweep across Québec!

Take up a challenge that reflects who you are, alone or in a team. Be creative. The sky’s the limit!

You have until September 23 to complete your challenge and raise funds.

What challenge will you be taking up?


An edition that got hundreds of people moving in support of 17 hospital foundations! And the resounding results convinced many other foundations across Québec to join the movement!

Will you take up the challenge with us this year?

For which Foundation do you want to take up the challenge?

The pandemic has left its mark on hospital life. Health workers are burnt out. COVID-19 has underlined the urgent need for new technologies.

To say nothing of the impact on the population… One-quarter of adults are showing symptoms of anxiety and depression. Patients are coming in with conditions that are worse than what we were seeing 20 years ago!

The hospitals need YOU so that they can provide patients with the right care at the right time.

An inclusive challenge, accessible to everyone

You don’t need to run a marathon to participate in the Challenge! Everyone can push their limits and take on all kinds of challenges—while having fun! Collecting donations on your own is great, but doing it with friends, colleagues, children, grandparents, can be way more motivating!

“Every idea is a good idea! It can be as simple as committing to reading a book a week, doing yoga every morning, organizing a waste collection drive… Every goal will make a difference!”

- Josée Lavigueur, spokesperson for the event


To share your challenge, stay connected with your team members, keep motivated and track fundraising results, like the Challenge’s Facebook page!

Why participate?

Right now, we’re facing unprecedented limitations in the health system. Fewer personnel, fewer beds, less operating time. The waiting lists are getting longer everywhere. For patients waiting for surgery, for worried families, for our exhausted health workers, YOUR generosity makes all the difference.

Through your actions, you’re offering quality, safe and cutting-edge healthcare to patients and their families in your hospitals! From infancy to end-of-life, adolescence to adulthood. You’re there for them, from beginning to end, in times of joy and moments of pain, for minor injuries and life-changing events.