Josée Lavigueur
Spokesperson for the event

I’m pushing my limits for

my Hospital!

This summer, we’ll be kicking into action from Montreal to Quebec City, via Abitibi and even Gaspésie!

A huge wave of solidarity for our hospitals will sweep across Québec!

Would you like to join this incredible movement?

Come out on June 14 for an active summer!

Relevez un défi qui vous ressemble, individuellement ou en groupe. Soyez créatif! Les possibilités sont infinies!

Vous avez jusqu’au 24 septembre pour réaliser votre défi et amasser des dons dans un contexte de crise sanitaire sans précédent.

What will your challenge be?

Thank you!

Together, we raised an impressive $1 150 000.

Images from the 2021 edition

An edition that got hundreds of people moving in support of 4 hospital foundations! And the resounding results convinced many other foundations across Québec to join the movement!

Will you take up the challenge with us this year?

For which Foundation do you want to take up the challenge?

The pandemic has left its mark on hospital life. Health workers are burnt out. COVID-19 has underlined the urgent need for new technologies.

To say nothing of the impact on the population… One-quarter of adults are showing symptoms of anxiety and depression. Patients are coming in with conditions that are worse than what we were seeing 20 years ago!

The hospitals need YOU so that they can provide patients with the right care at the right time.

"Every idea is a good idea! 

It can be as simple as committing to yoga every morning, or three walks a week…
Every goal will make a difference!

- Josée Lavigueur, spokesperson for the event

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