20 ideas for the generations challenge

You’d like to make a difference in your community and you’ve decided to support your Hospital? Fantastic! Now, you’re ready to take your second step: choose a challenge. But there’s a hitch: you can’t come up with any ideas… No problem! We have all kinds of suggestions. One of them is sure to be THE challenge that reflects who you are.

What makes a good challenge ?
Let’s be clear: you do NOT have to run a marathon to join the Generations Challenge. Sure, people who can do that kind of thing are impressive! But there are tons of other ways to push your limits, whether you’re athletic or not.

You can choose a challenge that allows you to discover new things that you enjoy, to adopt new habits, to gather friends and family around a common goal… The most important thing is to have fun, to choose something that you enjoy and that’s realistic! By choosing a challenge that corresponds to your objectives, you’ll have a better chance of successfully completing it with a sense of pride!

I’m looking for a challenge that will allow me to...

Adopt a new habit

Realize a dream

Give to others

Experience intense emotions

Attain a specific goal

Participate in an event

Gather friends and family around a common goal!

Anyone can join the Generations Challenge, so team up with your children, your parents or your grandparents, and dive right in! Don’t hesitate to organize your own fundraising event in your hospital department, your child’s school, your business, your sports team, your store… Together, we can build a HEALTHY health system!