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It’s time to start training outdoors!

The outdoors and training outside are becoming ever more popular. It’s no longer surprising to see a walker stop at a park bench to do a few bench presses or hold the plank position. To the contrary, it’s inspiring and motivating!

Now’s the time for you to slip on a pair of running shoes and step out the door!

More convincing arguments?

Greater self-esteem

Nature has a positive impact on the brain. It’s proven. An article in Environmental Science & Technology describes how researchers have shown that a simple stroll outdoors is good for your morale and self-confidence. Fresh air, the ground beneath your feet, the colours and smells around you awaken the senses. A sure-fire way to feel good!

Prolonged training

Walking on a trail, cycling, or hiking up a mountain make you want to prolong the moment. You won’t feel like going home after 30 minutes of enjoying such a stimulating activity. You’re not on a cardio machine with a STOP button in front of you!

Greater energy output

Research shows that when you run or walk outdoors, you push yourself harder! With distractions around you, you’re less likely to notice your mounting fatigue. Muscle strengthening is easier than you think! Nature, parks, urban installations… so many opportunities to stop and work your muscles! From tree stumps, to stairs and park benches—there’s no shortage of options!

Reduced stress and greater control

No matter what you choose to do, outdoor activities relieve stress and anxiety. Many studies have shown that cortisol levels (that nasty stress-related hormone) are markedly lower after some time outdoors. Our perception of stressors changes and our quality of life improves. Now that’s a WOW!

Greater sense of happiness

We feel more alive when we’re outdoors and breathing fresh air. That’s what the Journal of Environmental Psychology tells us. People who take time to go for a walk or practise an outdoor sport feel more energetic and experience less anger and sadness. Test it out and discover what nature can do for you! There are some terrific organizations that can also help you with your outdoor training. A friend and colleague, Danielle Danault, has developed Cardio Plein Air, a wonderful outdoor cardio program in Québec. A truly amazing initiative!