Frequently asked questions

What’s the fundraising deadline for the Challenge?

You have until September 23, 2023 to collect donations.

Is there a registration deadline?

No. Since the 2023 Challenge ends on September 23, we encourage you to start collecting donations as soon as possible. You should give yourself at least four weeks between signing up and carrying out your challenge.

Do you need to be an adult to participate?

Not at all! Anyone aged 0 to 99 can join. Conditions may apply if your challenge is subject to any particular rules of another organization (for example, people who want to go parachuting would need to follow the rules established by the service provider).

Can you do a solo challenge or do you have to participate as a team?

You’re free to choose between a solo or a team challenge.

Can you be on more than one team at a time?

No, the web platform does not allow you to be on more than one team

Do all team members need to do the same challenge?

No, each team member can do a different challenge if they want to.

Do you need to do an athletic challenge?

No, all kinds of challenges are possible, and there are so many great ideas! The Generations Challenge seeks to be an inclusive movement, open to everyone. Every goal counts in making a difference.

Check out the Challenge blog for some inspiring ideas:

Does your challenge need to take place over multiple weeks, or can it happen on a specific date?

You can absolutely organize a challenge on a specific date, but we recommend picking a date that gives you at least four weeks to raise funds before the event.

Are there registration fees for participating in the Generations Challenge?

Registration for the Challenge is free and includes access to a customizable fundraising platform. Your hospital foundation does not cover any costs that may be associated with your challenge (yoga class fees, for example).

Do you need to raise a minimum amount?

No, there’s no minimum required. We recommend setting a goal that seems realistic yet challenging.

Are there tips and advice available to help you in your fundraising?

Yes, there’s a toolbox available on the Generations Challenge website.

You’ll see, fundraising is easier than you think!

What donations are eligible for a donation tax receipt?

Each hospital foundation has its own policies. Find out from the foundation you are supporting what their minimum donation amount is to be eligible for a tax receipt.

Anonymous donations are not eligible for a donation tax receipt.

Is it possible to make a donation other than with a bank card?

Yes, you can send donations in cash* or by cheque to the office of the foundation you are supporting. Please include the following details:

  • Name of challenge
  • Name of team and of participant (if applicable)
  • Full name of the individual or company making the donation
  • Mailing address, email and telephone number
Where do the donations go?

Your generosity saves people and changes lives.

  • You have a tangible impact on ensuring that patients have access to the most advanced care with state-of-the-art technology.
  • You contribute to funding a variety of promising, innovative research projects.
  • You make a real difference for the health of current and future generations.